Asere start their tour this week. First stop St Ethelburga’s in London on Wednesday 5th – this venue is the perfect space to showcase their brand new acoustic show.


Well-loved by audiences up and down the UK over the past thirteen years, Asere are one of the hottest bands to have emerged from Cuba in recent years.

This time Asere are here with a big difference, for this is an intimate, entirely acoustic performance, with the band located in the middle of an audience seated informally around them. There will be no microphones, no amplification and no PA system. Just a group of young and very talented Cuban musicians, an audience up close, fabulous music and the chance to experience a unique show, for both band and audience.

“Asere.. play great, slinky and rhythmic dance music.. as fresh and as adventurous as ever” Robin Denselow, The Guardian

“Quite sensational” Songlines